Teaching at MIADA in Chongqing

From March till July 2015 I have been a teacher for Advertising, Multimedia & Logo Design and Information Gathering in Chongqing, China.
The Modern International Art and Design Academy trains young professionals to become specialists in design, typography, advertising and fashion.

Teaching involved lectures, assignments, project guidance and improvisation.

Final Graduation projects
I guided 9 graduation students for their final project where they showed the knowledge and techniques they learned over the years.

Information Gathering
There are many ways of gathering, organizing and displaying information. We explored it on big paper sheets and cartboard cubes with threads and needles.

Design a logo for an influential person
After extensive research and lots of sketches (by hand and digital) each student captured the essence of their influential person.

Go and collect
In groups of two, students had to go out into the city with an assigned location, question and target audience. The collection of information involved improvisation which they visualised into a T-shirt design. They also had to record the interview and make photos of the area.